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Name: Nikita (16) School name: Heinrich-Boell-Gesamtschule Country: Cologne, Germany

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Albert Einstein was born on March 14, near Ulm, Germany. He studied Physics in Zurich. He worked in many different cities in Germany, Austria and Belgium. In 1933 he went to America to be a guest speaker in a few American Universities. He didn't return, fearing the Nazis and World War II. In the same year he became a professor at Princeton University. He worked at Princeton until he died on April 18, 1955. Einstein is said to be one of the most important scientists in history. He enhanced Newton's laws and he found the first proof of the spin of an electron. His most famous work is the relativity theory. He came up with this theory in the years 1905 to 1915.

Name: Christina (15) School name: HLW Spittal/Drau Country: Carinthai, Spittal/Drau, Austria

I hope, in the 21st century people will stop fighting senseless wars based on religious beliefs. Every person should have the opportunity to believe what she thinks is right. Besides, even the environment suffers from it. Each of us should also start living more environmentally conscious, otherwise humanity won't survive the 21st century. Another aspect which concerns me is that many people still fear people who look different, they value people according to their outer appearance. Every human being should be treated equally by law as well as in reality no matter if he or she is white or black, if he or she is healthy or diabled. I also hope a cure for Aids will be found soon. This is where we need progress. I don't think we need robots who do every little thing for us humans. Adults should accept their responsibility to provide children a nurturing environment so the problem of orphans and kids living in the streets can be solved. I have many hopes for the future. It will also be my responsibility

II. Образцы писем учащихся лицея, размещённых на сайте "VOTE" http://www.kids-space.org/vote/index.html. Vladimir (13) Lyceum 10, Odintsovo, Russia

I live in Odintsovo. Our town is not big, but inhabitants devote much attention to it. Odintsovo is a green town and there are many flowers. Our ecology is good though my town is near Moscow. It is clean. It isn't allowed to build plants in our town. Our mayor puts in much money in ecology. In our region are very beautiful forests. Odintsovo is lungs of Moscow. In our grove famous people were walking: A.P. Chehov, A.S. Pushkin and etc. We must protect our planet from littering, air pollution, water pollution and etc. Atomic bombs, nuclear tests, accidents on the atomic power station is cause for death of many people. Many people died from radiation some years ago in Chernobyl. I suggest presidents of all the world support movement of Green (example Greenpeace). English writer John Galsworthy said: "If you don't think about the future, you will not have it." I love my town and my world.

Alexander (14) Lyceum 10, Odintsovo, Russia

To my peer 21 century: Is it going to be the last? As far back as in ancient manuscripts it was said about the End of the world Apocalypse. The End is coming. We are voluntarily going to this horrible end.

The devil weapon. Chemical wastes. Careless attitude to environment. It is killing the Planet! And doing dirty we are destroying our souls. In ancient time people were in harmony with Nature. But the Man was not spiritually clear! He must live not only for the sake of wealth, but inner world. Avidity and cruelty -it is a Fatal way of the Man! These things bring about everlasting conflicts and causes cataclysms. Yes! We are sinful. But is it the only disaster?! We do not want to realize what we did. We do not want to repent. As a matter of fact from time to time we are asking ourselves: "Why did I do so?". But it is not for long, that we are racked with looking for the truth, consoling ourselves: "We got away with it:" My peer! We have some time yet to stop and think, and choose the Life way. And God like our Planet will forgive us!

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